HostPapa’s Black Friday Exclusive Offer

Are you a small business owner looking for a Black Friday deal of your own? You’re in luck, because HostPapa has a special offer just for you! Hosting-Review, an independent provider of web hosting reviews, has recommended HostPapa and ranks us as the number one web host on their website. Through Hosting-Review we are running an exclusive Black Friday deal that will stretch from Black Friday (November 27) through Cyber Monday (November 30). With this

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How Small Businesses Can Cash in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For small businesses, Black Friday can feel overwhelming. It can seem like a day more suited for large companies that can afford to slash prices and offer special deals. In reality, there are many ways that a small business can benefit from the number of consumers shopping over the weekend. By analyzing your market and promoting your deals properly, your small business could not only bring in a huge profit on Black Friday, but also

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Why Shoppers Avoid Your Ecommerce Site

Have you noticed a decrease in your online sales or simply a lack thereof? There are many problems that can occur when designing your company’s ecommerce shop that can send consumers running away. It’s important that you build your ecommerce site the right way from the start. You don’t want a clunky or messy website because those types of ecommerce shops tend to scare potential buyers away. Your objective should be to build a fast,

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Small Business Insights: The Top 7 Pain Points for Small Businesses

Building a business can be tough, especially when you look at the list of tasks you need to check-off in order to classify your business as successful. A small business can run into many unforeseen and expensive problems. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve laid out 7 small business pain points that may arise and offer up some viable, actionable solutions to address your many concerns. 1. I Don’t Have a Website for My Business

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Customer Engagement: 5 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Business

Blogs are often looked down on as a place for amateurs to share their opinions on any topic. In actuality business blogging has become one of the most important marketing tools for any business. Blogging can be a great way to increase potential sales, customer interaction, and your customer base at a very low cost. Below are 5 reasons why you need a blog for your business: 1. Talk to Your Customers Blogging has become

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HostPapa Connect Email Marketing Essentials for Small Businesses

Email is one of the most important marketing opportunities that all small businesses should tap into. About 69% of email users in the USA prefer to communicate to businesses through email. HostPapa Connect is the perfect email marketing tool to help any business reach their customers and build a new client base through email marketing campaigns. Whether you want to notify customers about upcoming events, sales, new products or send a monthly newsletter, HostPapa Connect

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3 Reasons to Invest in Automated Website Backup

Having your data lost or stolen in an unforeseen circumstance, can be a business or website owner’s’ greatest fear.. What if your current web host accidentally deleted your website, like what happened to a GoDaddy customer in 2010? What if you deleted some website files by accident? Since nobody is immune to accidents, automated website backup can help you recover your website files if anything were to happen to them. Ensuring the safety of your

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Email 101: The Benefits & Risks to Email Marketing Selection for Small Businesses

E-mail Marketing can be critical in helping a business grow. According to the average return for every $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25. While that return can be exciting, it is crucial that business owners market their emails correctly. As reported, there are 247 billion emails sent every day, so it is important that emails stand out and go to the right people. Making the wrong choice when it comes to marketing

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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch from HostPapa’s Basic to Advanced Email

Email plays a pivotal role in the growth of any company. For many companies it’s how they communicate with their customers. Basic email can be restrictive on sending limits and inbox size, and a generic email address can look unprofessional. HostPapa’s Advanced Email opens up the doors to provide business and website owners with a professional, flexible, and secure business email solution. Our email is easy to set up and will provide an immediate return

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Office 365: 9 Reasons to Choose a Business Premium Plan Over All Others

Microsoft Office 365 is a service that provides businesses access to Office applications along with other productivity services such as, multi-device email sync and Microsoft Lync that are enabled over the Internet. HostPapa offers users three different Office 365 plans that are rich with features. HostPapa understands how difficult the selection process can be when it comes to buying services for your business. I bet you are asking yourself, “Should I choose the cheapest plan

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